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Shipments arrive almost daily: fish, corals, plants and invertebrates. Here are the new items for this week, April 17th

Please call ahead for availability, especially for Sale items!

(856) 627-6262

Acares Reef Damsel

Achilles Tang

Adornatus Fairy Wrasse

Agilis Bronze Damsel

Annularis Angel Adult

Annularis Angel Change

Antennata Lionfish

Assasi Trigger

Anchor Tusk Wrasse

Atlantic Blue Tang

Arc Eye Hawk

Auriga Butterfly

Azure Damsel

Banana Wrasse

Banded Pipefish

Bnd. Sand Sift. Goby

Banggai Cardinal

Barberi Clownfish

Barnacle Blenny

Bartlett's Fairy Anthias

Bicolor Fancy Anthias

Lori Pseu. Anthias

Parvirotris Anthias

Banded Butterfly

Beau Gregory Damsel

Bennett Butterfly

Bicolor Angel

Biclr BlkMouth Chromis

Bicolor Blenny

Bicolor Dottyback

Bicolor Goatfish

Bicolor Parrot

Green Parrotfish

Bicolor Toby Puffer

Big Eye Soldier

Big Eye Cat Squirrelfish

Blk Reidi Seahorse

Black Spot Tang

Black & White Chromis

Black & Yellow Blenny

Black Angler

Black Banded Damsel

Black Banded Damsel

Black Bar Soldier

Black Boxfish

Black Cap Basslet

Black Combtooth Blenny

Annularus Angel

Black Cap Jawfish

SA Black Ocellaris Clown

Black Ribbon Eel

Black Clarkii Clown

Blackedge Moray Eel

Blk Ice Snowflake Clown

Black Indian Trigger

Blk Tip Heraldi Angel

Black Line Blenny

Blk & White Heniochus

Black Longnose Tang

Black Nox Angel

Black Ocellaris Clown

Black Sailfin Blenny

Blonde Naso Tang

Blood Red Hawkfish

Blue & Red Wrasse

Yellow&Purple Wrasse

Blue Angelfish

Blue Angelfish

Blue Belly Sufflamen Trigger

Blue Boxfish

Blue Green Damsel

Blue Devil Damsel

Black Bar Damsel

Black Cap Damsel

Blue Dot Jawfish

Blue Dot Toby Puffer

Blue Eye Cardinal

Blue Eye Kole Tang

Blue Face Angelfish

Blue Fin Damsel

Blue Fin Watchman

Blue Flasher Wrasse

Majestic Angelfish

Bluehead Wrasse

Blue Hippo Tang

Blue Line Snapper

Blue Line F.Goby

Blue Line W.Goby

Blue Line Trigger

Blue Macneill Basslet

Blue Margin Fairy Wrasse

Blue Orange Tail Damsel

Blue Reef Chromis

Blue Sapphire Damsel

SA Cinnamon Clown

Blue Sunflower Damsel

Blue Spotted Angel

Blue Spot Lemon Peel

Blue Spot Stingray

Blue Spot Watch Goby

Blue Star Damsel

Blue Stripe Pipefish

Bluescale Fairy Wrasse

Yel,Flanked Fairy Wrasse

BlueSpot Plebeius Bfly

Blue Throat Trigger

Blue Velvet Damsel

Blue Yellow Grouper

SA Brown Saddleback

Blue Stripe Freblii Bfly

Bondable Nocturnus Goby

Boston Bean Cowfish

Brachiosaurus Blenny

Brown Heniochus

Bullseye Jawfish

Bumble Bee Goby

Bursa Trigger

Byno Sleeper Goby

Wounded Wrasse

Red Breast Maori Wrasse

Canary Blenny

Candy Pencil Wrasse

Carberryi Anthias

Carpenters Wrasse

Chalk Basslet

Chiseltooth Wrasse

Checker Goby

Chevron Tang

Chocolate Mocha Clown

Chocolate Tang

Citron Clown Goby

Clarkii Clown

Clown Tang

Clown Trigger

AC Clown Trigger

Colettes Reef Basslet

Colored Ingens Seahorse

Colored Clown Goby

Colored Trimma Goby

Comical Blenny

Common Stingray

Convict Tang


Orange Fem,Anthias

Copperband Butterfly

Coral Beauty Angel

Coral Catfish

Coral Hog

Cortez Angel

Creole Anthias

Crosshatch Trigger

Cuban Hog

Diana's Hogfish

Cubicus Trunkfish

Decora Sleeper Goby

Decolores Wrasse

Desjardinii Sailfin Tang

Diagonal Bar Goby

Diam Watch. Goby

Dilectus Pseudochromis

Dogface Puffer

Doliatus Wrasse

Domino Damsel

Dot Dash Butterfly

Dbl Saddle Butterfly

Dracula Goby

Dragonface Pipefish

Dragon Sleeper Goby

Sleeper Railway Goby

Dragon Wrasse

Dusky Jawfish

Dusky Y.Nose Butterfly

Dwarf Zebra Lionfish

Eibli Angel

Eightline Wrasse

Electric Damsel

Emerald Coral Goby

Juv. Emperor Angel

Emperor Angel

Emperor Red Snapper

Red Striper Goby

Engineer Goby

Evansi Anthias

Exquisite Firefish

Exquisite Wrasse

Eyebar Possum Wrasse

Eyebrow Barnacle Blenny

Falco Hawk

True Falcula Butterfly

False Personifer Angel

Fancy Snowflake Ocel.

Ocellaris Clown

Fathead Sunburst Anthias

Fiji Blue Devil Damsel

Bicolor Foxface

Filamented Wrasse

Fine Spotted Wrasse

Fire Clownfish

Scissortail Dartfish


Fisheri Angel

Flagfin Angel

Flame Angel

Flameback Angel

Flame Hawk

Flame Wrasse

Flathead Sand Dragonet

Flav. Flasher Wrasse


Zerba Flounder

Formosa Wrasse

Forktail Blenny

Four Eye Butterfly

Four Spot Butterfly

Mertensii Butterfly

Banded Angel

Four Stripe Damsel

Fowleri Tang

Foxface Rabbitfish

SpineFoot Rabbitfish

Freckled Face Hawk

French fish Juv.

Fridmani Dottyback

Frostbite Clown

Frostbite Froz Clown

F.bite Subzero Clown

FuManchu Lion

Fusilier Damsel

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

Ghost Eel

Giant Hawkfish

Gold Bar Hulafish

Gold Bar Wrasse

Golden Fuzzy Dwf Lion

Gold Domino Damsel

Gold Stripe Cardinal

Sleeper G.Head Goby

Golden Red Angel

Golden Rabbitfish

Golden Sailfin Blenny

Golden Brotulid Goby

Goldflake Angel Juv.

Gold Nugget Mar. Clown

Gold Tail 1/2 Blue Damsel

Great Kelloggi Seahorse

Green Band Goby

Green Bird Wrasse

Green Chromis

Green Canary Blenny

Green Coris Wrasse

Blue Green Chromis

Green Clown Goby

Green Mandarin

Green Moray Eel

Green Wolf Eel

Grey-head Wrasse

Grey Poma Angel

Gressingeri Goby

Gumdrop Velvetfish

Half Black Angelfish

Half Black Damsel

Half Black Mimic Tang

Hardwicke Wrasse

Harlequin Basslet

Half&Half Damsel

Harlequin Tusk

Harptail Blenny

Hector's Goby

Helfrichi Firefish

Hi Fin Snapper

Hi Fin Coradion Butterfly

Hi Fin Red Bnd. Goby

Highfin Perchlet Anthias

High Hat

Hooded Fairy Wrasse

Horned Barb Scorpion

Horned Blenny

Humu Humu Pic. Trigger

Humu Rectangle Trigger

Indigo Hamlet

Jewel Damsel

Keyhole Angel

Klausewitz's Blenny

Kole Tang

Juvenile Koran Angel

Kuda Seahorse

Laboute's Wrasse

Lamarck Angel

Lavender Tang

Lawnmower Blenny

Lantern Basslet

Latticed Butterfly

Lemon Butterfly

Semilarvatus Butterfly

Lemon Clown Goby

Lemon Damsel

Lemon Peel Angel

Lemon Mimic Tang

Leopard Sail. Blenny

Leopard Toby Puffer

Sharpnose Puffer

Band Tail Puffer

Leopard Wrasse

Lieutenant Tang

Lightning Wrasse

Lined Butterfly

Line Spot Flasher Wrasse


L.F. Banded Dottyback

Longhorn Cowfish

Longnose Butterfly

Long Nose Hawk

Long Spine Cardinal

Red Flame Cardinal

LT Vanderbilt Chromis

Lyretail/Lunar Wrasse

Magnificent Foxface

Mai Tai Clownfish

Marine Betta

Masked Goby

Marble Hortulanus Wrasse

Maroon Lightening Clown

Matted L.J. Filefish

Naoka Wrasse

Blu.Scaled Fairy Wrasse

Tricolor Fairy Wrasse

McCosker's Wrasse

Melanurus Wrasse

Melon Butterfly

Mertensii Butterfly

Mexican Rainbow Wrasse

Midas Blenny

Midnight Chocolate Clown

SA Midnight Clownfish

Miniatus Grouper

Mimic Sad. Puf. Filefish

Mimic Chocolate Tang

Molly Miller Blenny

Moyer's Red Dragonette

Multi Color Angel

Mlticlr Lubbocki Wrasse

Mysteri Wrasse

Naoko's Fairy Wrasse

Orange Back Fairy Wrasse

Naso Tang

Neon Dottyback

Neon Velvet Damsel

Neon Wrasse

Neon Damsel

Neon Blue Goby

SA Black Ice Clown

Niger Trigger

Queen Trigger

Nitida Reef Damsel

One Spot Foxface R. fish

ORA Aiptasia Filefish

ORA Black Cardinal

Black Ocellaris

Black Ice Clown

ORA Clarkii Clown

ORA Domino Clown

ORA Elongate Dottyback

Erectus Seahorse

ORA Fire Clown

ORA Goldflake Maroon

Gold Stripe Maroon

ORA Jaguar Goby

SA Naked Ocellaris

ORA Sunrise Dottyback

Neon Goby

Orange Back F. Wrasse

Orange Body Filefish

Orange Kleini Butterfly

Orange Lined Cardinal

Orange Lyretail Anthias

Red Lyretail Anthias

Orange Marked Goby

Orange Peel Angelfish

Orange Shoulder Tang

Orange Spotted Filefish

Orange Spotted Goby

Orange Spotted Blenny

BristleTooth Tang

BristleTooth Tang

Orange Stripe Goby

Orange Tail Dottyback

Orange Toadfish

SA Orange Skunk Clown

SA Orchid Dottyback

True Percula Clown

ORA Picasso Clown

SA Pink Skunk Clown

ORA Prem Black Snowflake

SA Prem Snowflake Blk

ORA Saddleback Clown

ORA Sharknose Goby

ORA Springeri Dottyback

ORA Stubby Ocellaris

ORA Tiger Goby

SA Tomato Clown

ORA Two Band Bicinctus

ORA Yellow Assessor

Orbic Batfish

Ornate Leopard Wrasse

Paddlefin Wrasse

Pakistan Butterfly

Panamic Barn. Blenny

Panda Puffer

Panther Grouper

Panda Goby

Passer Angel

Paucif. Butterfly

Pearl China Wrasse

Pearlscale Butterfly

Pelewensis Butterfly

Pelvic Spot Wrasse

Joan's Fairy Wrasse

Peppermint C.Cane Hog

Picasso Clownfish

Pike Blenny

Pink Bar Goby

Pink Damsel

Pink Smith Damsel

Pink Spot Watchman

Pink Tail Trigger

Titan Trigger

PinStr Melanurus Wrasse

Multi-Banded Pipefish

PJ Cardinal

Porcupine Puffer


Potters Angel

Ruby Wrasse

Powder Blue Tang

Powder Brown Tang

Princess Parrotfish

Purple Dottyback

Purple Firefish

Purple Pseudochromis

Purple Queen Anthias

Tiger Queen Anthias

Dispar Anthias

Purple Reef Chromis

Purple Yellow Tail Chromis

Purple Stripe Dottyback

Purple Tang

Pygmy Angel

Pygmy Hawk

Pygmy Possum Wrasse

Queen Angelfish

Raccoon Butterfly

Radiata Lionfish

Radiant Wrasse

Raffles Butterfly

Rainfordi Butterfly

Rainfords Goby

Randalli Goby

Red Chromis

Red Coris Wrasse

Red Dotted Jawfish

Pearly head Jawfish

Red Fin Fairy Wrasse

Red Hawk

Red Head Goby

Red Mandarin

Red Leaf Fish Scorpion

Red Louti Grouper

Red Lyretail Anthias

Red Yellow Breast Anthias

Red Orange Angler

Red Rooster Scorpion

Red Scooter Blenny

Red Lip Blenny

Ruby Red Scooter Blenny

Red Spot Cardinal


Red Stripe Eibli

Red Striped Goby

RedTail Filefish

Red Tail Trigger

Red Tooth Niger Trigger

Red Velvet Wrasse

Reef Butterfly

Regal Angelfish

Regal Demoiselle Damsel

Rock Beauty Angelfish

Rooster Waspfish

Pygmy Red Waspfish

Royal Cleaner Wrasse

Royal Flasher Wrasse

Royal Gramma

Solorensis Wrasse

Rusty Angelfish

Black Ice Clown

Black Ice Clown

SA Black Foot Clown

SA Black Ocellaris

SA Black Misbar Clown

SA Chilled Frostbite

SA Fancy Ocellaris Clown

Saddleback Butterfly

Double Saddle Butterfly

Saddle Grouper

Saddle Valentini Puffer

Sailfin Algae Blenny

Pictus Blenny

Sailfin Tang

SA Longfin Fancy Clown

ORA Platinum Percula

SA Plat. Blizzard Percula

SA Snow Onyx Clown

SA Bicinctus Clown

SA White Fancy Clown

SA Wyoming White Clown

Sawtail Tang

Scrawled Cowfish

Sea Goblin Scorpion

Sea Moth

Segmented Blenny

Scissor Tail Goby

Scooter Dragonet Blenny

Scopas Tang

Scotts Velvet Wrasse

Scribbled Rabbitfish

Sebae Clownfish

Sargeant Major Damsel

Shark Egg Capsule

Shark-Fin Fairy Wrasse

Shrimp Fish

Singapore Angelfish

Six Bar Angel

Six Line Wrasse

Sickle Trigger

ORA S.D. Domino Clown

Sleep Railway Goby

Snowflake Moray Eel

Fiddle Ray

Spanish Hog

Sphynx Goby

Sohal Tang

Speckled Butterfly

Spiny Box Burrfish

Splendid Pseudochromis

SpotFin Butterfly

Spotted Mandarin

Spotted Hawk

Spotted Snake Eel

Oriental Sweetlips

Spotted Sweetlips

Springeri Pseudo

Squamipinnis Anthias

Truncatus Tang

Starcki Damsel

Starry Blenny

Warthead Blenny

Scribbled Mappa

Scribbled Mappa

Stars & Stripes Puffer

Striped Blenny

Striped Cardinal

Ochre Striped Cardinal

Striped Burrfish

Striped Squirrel Soldier

Sunshine Damsel

Sunburst Anthias

Swale's Swissguard

Yellow Squareback Anthias, Female

Squareback Anthias

Tail Spot Blenny

Tahitian Cleaner Wrasse

Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse

Tassle Filefish

Talbot's Damsel

Tangaroa Goby

Teardrop Butterfly

Teira Batfish

Temminckii Fairy Wrasse

Tesselata Eel

3 Spot Domino Damsel

3Band Pennant Heniochus

Three Stripe Damsel

Tiger Sleep Wardi Goby

Tinker Butterfly

Thompsoni Tang

Tobacco Basslet

SA Tomato Clown

Tomini Tang

Tonos Dottyback F.

Tonos Dottyback M.

Tonos Fairy Wrasse

Trichrous Butterfly

Orange Tail Damsel

Tuxedo Damsel

Twelve Line Wrasse

Twinspot Wrasse Juv

Two Bar Rabbitfish

Two Lined Monocle Bream

Two Spot Blenny

Two Spot Signal Goby

Two Spot B.Tooth Tang

Black Belt Hog

Twin Spot Signal Goby

Two Stripe Damsel

Undulated Trigger

Unicorn Tang

V Tail Grouper

Vagabond Butterfly

Vermic. Leopard Wrasse

Red Leopard Wrasse

Volitan Lionfish

Vrolik's Wrasse

Waitei Anthias

Wartskin Angler

Watanabei F. Angelfish

Watanabei M. Angelfish

Watchman Guttata Goby

Wheeler's Watchman

Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse

White Blenny

White Clown

White Cheek Tang

White Spotted Puffer

Juv Maroon Clown

White Tail Chromis

Xanthurus Cream Angel

Xmas Hawaii Wrasse

Xmas CheckerBrd Wrasse

Yashia Goby

Black Angel

Yellow & Black Angel

Kupang Damsel

Yellow Angel

Yellow Assessor

Yellow Aureus Damsel

Ylw Band Poss. Wrasse

Ylw Belly Hippo Tang

Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish


Two Tone Wrasse

Yellow Twist Wrasse

Yellow Chryrus Wrasse

Yellow Chrysus Wrasse

Yellow Clown Goby

Ylw Coral Beauty Angel

Yellow Coris Wrasse

Elegent Coris Wrasse

Yellow Dottyback

Ylw Eye C.tooth Blenny

Ylw Eye Spot Tang

Ylw Fin Fairy Wrasse

Yellow Flanked Wrasse

Yel/Gld Maroon Clown

Yellow Goatfish

Yellow Head Butterfly

Yellowhead Jawfish

Yellow Leaf Scorpion

Yellowline Goby

Ylw Long Nose Butterfly

Yellow Seahorse

Yellow Spot Anthias

Ylw Spot Moray Eel

Yellow Tang

Coral Demoiselle

Yellowtail Wrasse

Yellow Tail Damsel

Ylw Teardrop Butterfly

Yellow Watchman Goby

Yellow Zoster Butterfly

White Face Butterfly

White Tip Trigger

Zanzibar Butterfly

Zebra Bar Goby

Zebra Eel

Zebra Swallowt. F.Angel

Zebra Swallowt. M.Angel