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Shipments arrive almost daily: fish, corals, plants and invertebrates. Here are the new items for this week,February 5th

Please call ahead for availability, especially for Sale items!

(856) 627-6262

Large Acropora

African Red Tip Starfish

Anemone Crab

Ancora Gold Tip Hammer

Ancora Green Hammer

Branch Green Hammer

Pink Tip Green Hammer

Arrow Crab

Aussie Gold Torch

Beaded Mat Anemone

Berghia Nudibranch

Big Red Eye Chalice

Blk&Wht Spiral Top Snail

Black Long Spine Urchin

Black Shortspine Urchin

Black Tubastrea

Blasto Merleti

Bleeding Apple Bowerbanki Acan

Bleeding Sour Apple Scoly

Blue Branching Cyphastrea

Blue Coral Band Shrimp

Green Acro

Blue Green Zoo

Blue Kn. Hermit Crab

Blue Leg Hermit Crab

Blue Linckia Starfish

Blue Mushroom

Blue Spiny Lobster

Blue Sympodium

Bl. Tip Sebae Anemone

Blue Tuxedo Urchin

Blue V. Nudibranch

Blue Vase Sponge

Blue Xenia

Bongo Shrimp

Brain War Coral

Brain Open Orange

Branching Alveopora

Brittle Starfish

Brown Babylonia Snail

Bruuns Cleaning Shrimp

Bubble Gum Chalice

Bubble Coral

Cynaria Button Ultra

Lps Brain Flat

Bullseye Mushroom

Bulb Anemone

Bumble Bee Shrimp

Burgundy Starfish

Bumble Bee Snail

Cactus Pavona

Camel Shrimp

Candy Button Coral

Candy Coral

Cerith Snail

Chaeto Algae

Chestnut Turbo Snail

Turban Snail

Starburst Zoa

Chocolate Chip Starfish

Cleaner Shrimp

Cluster Featherduster

Conehead Algae Snail

Green Hairy Mushroom

Colored Bulb Anemone

Corky Sea Finger

Colt Cladiella

Comet Starfish

Coral Banded Shrimp

Coral Crab

Crocodile Isl Red Scoly

Crown Top Snail

Curly-Q Pist. Shrimp

Thorny Oyster

Devils Hand

Dolabella Sea Hare

Doughnut Scoly


Dusky Diamonds Zoas

Dwf Pink Feather Duster

Eagle Eye Zoo

Electric Blue Hermit Crab

Electric Flame Scallop

Elegant Pink

Elegant Moon Polyp

Emerald Crab

Fiddler Crab

Em. Grn Yuma Mushroom

German Blue Polyp Monti

Favia Brain


Fighting Conch

Fire & Ice Zoo

Fire Shrimp

Fireworks Sympodium

Flaming Ghost Torch

Fluorescent Horn Coral

Fox Coral


Gold Coral Band Shrimp

Gold Strp Clove Polyps

Gold Tip Octopus

Gold Ultra Torch

Goniastrea Brain

Assorted Gorgonia

Purple Feather Gorgonia

Green Alveopora

ORA Green BirdsNest

Green Bubble Coral

Yaeyamaensis Octopus

Colored Bubble Anemone

Green Bulb Anemone

Green Button Zoo

Green Cabbage Leather

Green Trach Brain

Green Crater Brain

Green Carpet Anemone

White Carpet Anemone

Ylw Carpet Anemone

Red Carpet Anemone

Green Cats Paw

Purple Pocillopora

Green Pocillopora

Green Cauliflower

Green Clove Polyp

Green Cup Coral

Green Cynaria

GrnEye Ele.Nose Chalice

Green Goniopora

Green Fluo. Mushroom

Green Folded Brain

Green Finger Sinularia

Green Hammer Coral

Green Hydnophora Horn

Green L.T. Plate

Neon Green Plate

Green Maze Brain

Green Maldivensis

Green Metallic Brain

Green Metallic Torch

Green Torch Frag

Green Metallic Torch

Green Ricordea

Green Star Polyp

Green Steal Soul Zoa

Green Stripe Mushroom

Green Spot Mushroom

Green Spiny Cup Coral

Green Toadstool Leather

Green Tongan Coral

Green Galaxea

Green Velvet Mushroom

Green Daisy

Green Ducan Coral

Ultra Wellso Brain

Grn Ylw Humilis Acro

Grn Ylw Samoensis Acro

Halloween Hermit Crab

Halimeda Marine Algae

Harlequin Serpent Star

Harlequin Shrimp

Hawaiian Featherduster

Hawkins Blue Echinata

Hollywood Stun Chalice

Horseshoe Crab

Hyacinth Birds Nest

Japanese Night Shrimp

Jasmine Polyps

Joe The Coral Acro

Kenya Tree


Lavender Hairy Mushroom

Frilled Bounce Mushroom

Leather Coral

Lettuce Nudibranch

Long Polyp Leather

Long Tentacle Anemone

Green Long Tentacle

Green Kenya Tree

Lordhowensis Acan

Lordhowensis Frags

Blue Zoa

Lunar Destroyer Zoa

Maiden's Hair Algae

Malu Sebae Anemone

Mangrove Seedling

Margarite Snail

Marble Red Starfish

Marble Red Starfish

Marble Red Starfish

Maui Wowie Zoo

Mermans Shaving Brush

Metallic Green StarP.

Metallic Green Trumpet

Mexican Turbo Snail

Mind Trick Montipora

Mini Carpet Anemone

Mouse Cowrie

Nassarius Snail

Neon Green Chesterfield.

Neon Green Eye Echinata

Neon Grape Cristata

Neon Green Scoly

Neon Green Mushroom

N.Orng Knuckle H.Crab

Neon Orange Plate

Pink Plate

Nerite Snail

Check.Nerite Snail

ORA Blue Hypnea Algae

ORA Blue Cespitularia

ORA Blue Digitata

ORA Blue Voodoo Stag

ORA Borealis Acro

ORA Clove Polyp

ORA Drk Grn Monti

Derasa Clam

ORA Easter Egg Chalice

ORA Frogskin Acro

ORA Fuzzy Lobo

ORA Gold Maxima Clam

ORA Green Birdsnest

ORA Green Cap

ORA Green Damicornis

ORA Green Stylophora

ORA Grn/Orng Birdsnest

ORA Grn Velvet Acro

ORA Hawkins Blue Ech.

ORA Ice Tortuosa Acro

ORA Kelly Grn Psammo.

ORA Loco Lobo

ORA Marsh Island Zoo

ORA Purp/Grn Acro

ORA Pink/Grn Acro

Maxima Clam

ORA Metal. Grn Galaxea

ORA Miami Orchid Stag

ORA Micronesian Torch

ORA Hammer Coral

ORA Mint Pavona

ORA Nepthea Tree

Orange Zoo

ORA Peach Digitata

ORA Plum Acro

ORA Purple Stylo

ORA Stellar Stylo

ORA Red Planet Acro

ORA Red Zoo

Orange Capricornis

Purple Capricornis

Orange Eye Creamsicle

Orange Dendrophyllia

Orange Ricordea Yuma

Ast. Sponge

Orange Linckia Starfish

Orange Marble Starfish

Orange Pavona

Orange Plating Monti

Orange Red Eye Acan

Orange Ricordea

Orange Red Eye Echinata

Orange Spot Zoanthid

Orange Encrust Monti

Orange and Green Zoa

Orange Togan Coral

Orange Tubastrea

Or. Tube Anemone

Or. Tuxedo Urchin

ORA Blue Bottlebrush

ORA Blue Millepora

ORA Grn Tip Pink BNest

ORA Orange Cap

ORA Orange Digitata

ORA Pnk/Grn Damicornis

ORA Pink Birds Nest

ORA Pink Damicornis

ORA Pink Polyp Cap

ORA Pink Stylo

ORA Ponape Birdsnest

ORA Purple Monti Cap

ORA Purple Nana Acro

ORA Prpl Plasma Stag

Red Goniopora

ORA Red Planet Acro

Rose Millepora

ORA Orange Setosa

ORA Shortcake Acro

ORA Sinularia

ORA Spongodes Monti

ORA Sprung's Stunner

ORA Squamosa Clam

ORA Supernatural Cap

ORA TriColor Valida Acro

ORA Turquoise Stag

Orange Lobo Brain

Pearl Bubble Coral

Green Pectinia

Pederson Cln Shrimp

Pencil Urchin

Peppermint Shrimp

Persied Cyphastrea

Pincushion Urchin

Purple Pincushion Urchin

Pink Blue Birdsnest

Pink Button Polyp



Pink Zoanthid

Pinwheel Zoanthid

Pipe Organ

Pom Pom Crab

Pom Pom Xenia

Porcelain Crab

Angular Whip

Purple Daumi Lobster

Purple Encrusting Monti

Purple Digitata Monti

Purple LT Anemone

Purple Mushroom

Prp/Org Debelius Lobster

Purple Plume Gorgonia

Purple Sea Rod

Prp Tip Sebae Anemone

Prp/Ylw Scroll

Hairy Urchin

Purple Tip Acro Cerealis

Purple Tip Torch

Radio. Dragon Eye Zoo

Red Band Pistol Shrimp

Superman Mushroom

Red Cynaria Button

Red Collar Snail

Red Cynaria

Red Sea Fan

Red Flame Scallop

Red Flower Anemone

Red Folded Brain

Red Fromia Starfish

Red Grape Kelp

Red Kelp Rock

Red Linckia Starfish

Red Blasto

Red Mushroom

Red Open Brain

Red People Eater Zoo

Red Pink Birdsnest

Red Pink Cauliflower

Red Reef Lobster

Red Stripe Trochus Snail

Red Leg Hermit Crab

Red Tip Hermit

Red Tux.Urchin

Red War Coral

Red Wellso Brain

Green Wellso Brain

Red Velvet Zoo

Reef Anemone

Purple Reef Anemone

Rhodactis Exotic Mush

RG Orange Psammocora

RG Kelly Green Psammocora

Purple Mushroom

Ritteri Anemone

Ultra Flower Anemone

Rose Bulb Anemone

PinkTip R.Bulb Anemone

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Sand Sifting Cucumber

Sand Sifting Starfish

Saron Shrimp

Scarlet Hermit Crab

Sea Hare

Sea Pansy

Seasons Greetings Monit

Serpent Starfish

African Knobby Red Star

Sexy Shrimp

Kukenthal's Peppermint Shrimp

Silver Xenia

Sour Apple Scoly

Spiny Star Astraea Snail


Spotted Mushroom

Snapping Pistol Shrimp

Molten Red Scoly

Sponge Decorator Crab

Staghorn Crab

Starfire Zoanthid

Red/Pink Cats Paw Stylo

Super Red Mushroom

Red Symphyllia

Green Symphyllia

Finger Leather

Tiny Blue H.Crab

Tigertail Cucumber

Tiger Sand Conch

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Toadstool Leather

Torch Coral

Toxic Grn Hammer

Turbo Snail

Ultra Maxima Clam

Trochus Snail

Ultra Multicolor Zoo

Ultra Red Scoly

Ult Toxic Apple Scoly

Upsidedown Jellyfish

Warpaint Scolymia

Watermelon Mushroom

Wellsi Blastomussa

White Sebae Anemone

W.Spot Anemone Shrimp

Mantis Lime Shrimp

Peacock Mantis Shrimp

White Spot Starfish

Xmas Favia

Coral Band Shrimp

Ylw Coral Banded Shrimp

Yellow Cucumber

Yellow Polyps

Yellow Porites

Yellow Ruffle Ridge

Yellow Sakura Shrimp

Yellow Sebae Anemone

Yellow Tip Hermit Crab

Large Hermit Crab

Ylw Toadstool Leather

Yuma Ricordea

White Flame Scallop

Zebra Hermit Crab

Zebra Turbo Snail